February 08, 2005

Foxes Guarding The Henhouse

The United Nations slides further out to sea...

The United States is letting the United Nations hear it's displeasure that a panel setting the agenda for it's Human Rights Commission will include - get ready - Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and Zimbabwe.

So, a country where women cannot vote and are treated like chattle, a country where dissidents are locked up and the country is stuck in a dictator's time capsule, and a country where the only leader it's ever known is a brutal dictator who vote rigged his election - these are deciding the agenda for human rights for the UN? If the subject matter was less serious, this would be comical. Having these three regimes setting an agenda on human rights is inexcusable.

It's well past time to stop pretending that the United Nations works. It doesn't. It doesn't prevent humanitarian crises, it creates the environment where they can occur. Whereas nations normally might act in their own interest to intervene in crises such as Rwanda or Sudan, now the UN is where such interventions go to die. The United Nations has given us Darfur, Rwanda, Oil For Food, Bosnia...

An incredible debt will go to whoever has the sand to go to the UN and threaten a United States withdrawal unless serious reforms are implemented.

Posted by MEC2 at February 8, 2005 10:55 PM