June 04, 2006

Home Cooking

The best terrorists are the ones you make yourself at home...

Canada has avoided a nasty bit of Islamic home cooking with the arrest of over a dozen ne'er-do-wells in a raid that reportedly yielded guns and triple the amount of ammonium nitrate used to attack the Oklahoma City federal building.

Apparently, the investigation began with surveillance of local Muslim men who visited protected web sites, and Canadian authorities were able to monitor their actions and intents, and as they started acting on their intentions, the case began to build.

Of course, the most important question, which I have not heard answered, was - were proper warrants all obtained in monitoring these individuals? Was this monitoring part of a warrantless process that casts too wide a net on our civil liberties? Were any animals injured in the making of this arrest?

We're glad we caught them, but let's be sure America is still America, huh?

Or, make that, be sure Canada is still Canada, eh?

The article goes on in some detail about some of the suspects history, including their meetings with some American terror suspects, who we can only hope have their full constitutional protections intact.

If we can at least creep one eye open at home, and understand a few things about this story. First - these individuals were caught before they could act. As a result, there are some news stories, some headlines, and as I visit Yahoo, it has already fallen off the front page - instead replaced by pap about Gitmo hunger strikes, Haditha, the Sopranos. A minimal amount of credit will be given to those who's hard work paid off. Of course, had they not stopped them, and the attacks occurred, the stories would be unending, especially the ones asking "why" we didn't stop them.

This is the asymmetrical nature of the news and mindset of the American press, and to some extent, the American people. For some it's too distant, and for others, concern about their phone calls to 977-HOT-BABES being included in a nameless database outweigh their concerns that the next person to cross the border won't be caught, and he'll have a nuclear weapon in the trunk.

And final food for thought - Islam in it's current form is toxic. It is a religion of patriarchical intolerance, of misogynisitic power, spread in history by the sword, and only by the sword. It's not merely an upbringing in a Saudi madrasa that creates dangerous, radicalized individuals - if teenagers growing up in a generally milquetoast Canada can be radicalized, let's call a spade a spade and find the common thread - Islam. It must change, or we must. You pick.

Posted by MEC2 at June 4, 2006 05:35 PM

Zarqawi's dead! Woo-hoo!

Posted by: Allan at June 16, 2006 01:00 PM
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