July 31, 2006

Religion Of Perpetual Outrage

Some folks aren't happy unless they are unhappy...

It's always edifying to see somewhat state with perfect pitch something you've been thinking, and Michelle Malkin has done it.

As with most news events, there is often the tired, hackneyed outburst of Islamic street rage, along with the usual burning of an American flag that was created out of a pillowcase and magic markers, and the burning of an effigy, usually made from the forlorned pillow stripped naked in order to create the aforementioned flag. Michelle has coined the phrase, or at least minted it anew, the Religion Of Perpetual Outrage.

If it isn't bogus stories about flushing a Koran, or outrage over cartoons, there's always something waiting to activate that fragile tripwire that will send frothing mobs of Muslims into the street to burn their surplus bed linen. Unfortunately, this tantrumming mob accomplishes nothing but externalizing their internal resentments. Perhaps if they spilled into the street to protest draconian treatment of women or demand basic free rights, they might actually accomplish something, other than create reasons to shop at a white sale.

Some good news did come third hand from Seattle - heard on radio was that local Muslim women came with flowers to the Jewish Federation building to express their sorrow. These small acts are important and can help insure the widespread insanity that pours out onto the streets of Islamabad never begins to express itself here.

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