August 10, 2006

Let Me Guess

The terrorist plot to blow up airliners... are they Jews? Hindus? Scientologists?

The terrorist fascination with airplanes continues, as it seems a large plot to blow up several mid flight has been thwarted.

Curiously absent in the article is what should be Journalism 101 - an answer to the immediate question everyone wonders. Perhaps they think the answer so obvious that it no longer needs expression. But can they at least acknowledge that yes, once again, the Religion Of Piece, or Religion Of Perpetual Outrage, has once again found expression by blowing up innocent people in the name of Allah? Are these young men, as it seems so likely, all Muslim?

Perhaps someone should explain to these miscreants that if Allah wanted to blow up these planes, he would do it himself.

I guess that the same retrograde 8th century backwardness that drives these people is the same backwardness that makes them attack the signs of modernity - is their anything more modern, would there be anything more amazing, to an 8th century transplant than watching men fly? Might explain some things, as backwards people tend to attack what they don't understand.

I've been laboring lately on a discussion of Islam - trying to determine if Islam is simply a fellow faith with some misguided believers but overall a faith of the Book, worshipping the same God as Jews and Christians, or if it is simply a misogynistic death cult spread by the sword and practiced by people mainly because their forebearers were forced to convert with a blade at their throat. Would that Iranians were told of Darius and their great Persian kings, and that the faith they chant in the street was never their own, merely forced upon their forefathers. What would their forefathers have them do?

With every outrageous act, I lean further toward the latter. It will require alot of blood and treasure expended by reasonable Muslims to take back control of their faith to get me leaning to the former.

Posted by MEC2 at August 10, 2006 07:55 AM
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