August 17, 2006

Word Of Caution

Before we get the rope and find a strong limb...

Just a brief note on the arrest of John Karr (or John Mark Karr, given our penchant for giving the full name of murderers and assassins) for the arrest of Jon Benet Ramsey - if there is no corroborating DNA evidence, be very wary of this confession. Something doesn't pass the smell test fully on this, I've read statements of his that indicated Jon Benet was killed when her father was in the basement, I've seen no information indicating the man was in Boulder at the time, in fact his ex-wife indicated he wasn't in Boulder at the time, nor how this person would have access to the Ramsey house. Something is very, very odd with this.

But if the DNA comes back with a match, I'll tie the noose...

Posted by MEC2 at August 17, 2006 11:53 AM
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