August 30, 2006

I Have No Point And I Must Scream

The first resort of intellectual bankruptcy - frothing demonization...

This is what it has come to - when engaged on issues, the first, and last resort of many on the political fringe is to rely on sloganeering and groupthink keyword appeal. During an appearance on Fox News, former Democrat candidate for the Ohio 2nd District Paul Hackett decided his only response to the always erudite Dan Senor's arguments about US policy in Iraq was to, well, panic and call Senor a Nazi...

(Hackett)...I mean to have Herr Senor on your set as a military expert is something of a joke... (Hackett, responding to Kasich asking who he's talking about) I'm talking about your guest, little unterfuhrer of propaganda Mr. Senor there, who's an apologist for the failings of the CPA.

There, now Hackett doesn't have to respond to any of the points Senor made, because he's a Nazi. With his argument plummeting to earth, Hackett pulls the ripcord and deploys his safety chute of ad hominem redirection and heated, splenetic invective. This is increasingly dominant on the out-of-power fringe left - who feel justified in defaming and slandering anyone who occupies another political space. The longer they go without being taken seriously, the more unserious they become, red-faced and spittling still louder, still loonier rhetoric.

This will surely destroy this Republic more thoroughly than any attack from without can. This is pulling on the lynchpin. This is fouling the foundation. This is poisoning the well, the kind of destructive, toxic rhetoric that seems tied directly to an absence of external political validation. Without success at the ballot box, this seething political hysteria has no outlet - it merely festers into a wound that eventually bursts forth in the kind of ugly inhumanity that Hackett displayed.

Let's remember, Hackett lost a closely watched and vastly overhyped special Congressional election in Ohio, and then was unceremoniously pushed under the bus by his fellow Democrats as he geared up to run against Mike Dewine for Senator from Ohio. Yes, that's what we need in the U.S. Senate - an ill-tempered wretch who'se only skill in debate is hyperbolic rhetoric and appeals to the worst invective.

What a touch of class Paul Hackett is - especially nice is equating Senor, who I am nearly certain is Jewish, with Nazism. Tomorrow, Hackett will equate Campbell Brown with Eva Braun, Bill Cosby with the Klan, and the ghost of Elizabeth Montgomery with the Inquisitors of Salem...

Posted by MEC2 at August 30, 2006 10:44 PM
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