November 08, 2006

Post Election Thoughts

Sometimes, you win, sometimes, you lose, sometimes, it rains...

Some notes on my underused blog about the elections...

Republican clouds have silver linings.

- It is the opinion of this writer that the nation is best served when we have effective Republican stewardship in the House and Senate. I'm not sure we've had that lately. Having the House and Senate in play makes BOTH parties better. If each party cannot take power for granted, this is a huge improvement over them simply swapping uncontested control of patronage and the purse every decade. Each party needs to govern like their survival depends on it.

- Much success for Democrats came from recruiting quality, middle of the road candidates. Many pro-gun, pro-life, low-tax Democrats won. Which is good. America needs a vibrant and viable Democrat party. Having moderates succeed helps pull the Democrats back to the middle, it empowers existing moderates in the party, and makes it harder for Republicans to merely run someone just barely better than a fringe nutcase.

- The Democrats now have a stake in success. I'm sure many have felt that Iraq and the War on Terror have been a bludgeon to beat them over the head with, since they have no voice in the policy on either. Now that they hold sway, thought barely in the Senate, it means they will have a vested interest in American success. I think this will allow many Democrats to "come home" on vital foreign policy issues.

- It looks like Wilson has hung on in New Mexico. Which is fantastic, because I've never seen a less competent person running for Congress than Madrid looked in her debate. Simply incompetent. It was closer than it should have been, and those voting for her really need to ask if it's worth putting a nitwit in office simply because they have your same party affiliation.

- George Bush matters again. This is contrary to initial wisdom, which is often not very wise. But Bush with Republicans in Congress had simply become a target for Democrats, with no real ability to do anything except take an egg to the face. Hard to believe, but Bush got a big donut hole after 2004. His energy went into Social Security reform which his own Congress simply ignored. His ability to move his agenda was dead. Now, Democrats have an operating majority but can't move anything without Bush's approval.

Bush is back in the game.

UPDATE: Not the only one looking at the cloudlining today...

Posted by MEC2 at November 8, 2006 09:15 AM
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