January 30, 2008

It Is Time

The sleeper must awaken...

Blogging should be reserved for those times when there is something worth saying. That time has now arrived.

The 2008 election season has commenced. And I can no longer stomach the whining from fellow conservatives who should know how to act like adults but have recently behaved like peevish, obnoxious cry-babies. I always felt that paranoia was predominantly endemic to lunatic fringes of the left. But conservative reaction to McCain's victory in Florida, and potential nomination, puts even the most brain-fevered hard left lunatic in a run for their money for who can spew the most outlandish, churlish, immature and frankly useless political polemics.

To the extent a voice among many can be heard to return sanity and order, I will attempt to raise it. I have awakened.

Posted by MEC2 at January 30, 2008 12:47 AM
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