April 20, 2012

John Kasich for VP

You heard it here first, unless it doesn't happen, in which case forget where you heard it...

Just a random thought to post on this wasteland of a blog... John Kasich as VP. He has the experience in Congress and as a Governor, comes from an important swing state delivering Ohio (likely Romney anyways but this should guarantee it), and can bring with Romney an "all economy" ticket.

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November 11, 2011

Bold Predictions...

...should probably be written in pencil...

No sooner had the inevitability of Romney and the popular rise of Herman Cain become conventional wisdom that Cain's campaign has hit the iceberg. Like the Titanic, many incredulous observers think it can't sink. It can. And it is. It may reach port listing greatly and taking on water, but I don't think Cain can reach the general election.

Interestingly, other past bold predictions are paying off. A cycle too soon, but the observation holds true today - the Republican debate process is being dominated by Newt (and a solid Romney). It will be interesting if the process can be narrowed down to just 3 candidates if Newt will become more pointed in his debate style, so far his contempt has been for the media and many Obama policies. If he maintains momentum, will he bust Romney in the chops in order to try and vault from stalking horse to lead runner?

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October 04, 2011

And the winner is...

Romney/Cain will be your ticket.

Book it.

You heard it here first. Well maybe not first, but been thinking it for a month or so now and finally put it up on my shamefully neglected blog.

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