August 22, 2006


Let's look at the latest malady being peddled by the dysfunctioneers...

When the history of the decline of the West is written, some passages surely will be devoted to how wealth and abundance led to intellectual and moral complacency and the compaction of all matters of import great and small into a singularity of paralyzing self-analysis so compact not even perspective can escape - in other words, we worry about alot of stupid shit. Exhibit A should be the latest tripe from the phony malady factory - that supposedly people are addicted to their Blackberry in a similar fashion to drugs.

This is a laughable, unserious conclusion about a laughable, unserious subject.

The study, carried out by New Jersey's Rutgers University School, claims the Blackberry is fuelling a rise in email and internet addiction, with sufferers able to survive only a few minutes without checking for new mail.

What? Able to survive only a few minutes without them? Did this study result in the unintended deaths of some Blackberry users before they figured out they needed the Blackberry to survive? How many poor souls lost their lives, found perished desperately trying to claw their way out of the study room to the life-support system hidden in their Blackberry? This kind of breathless reporting is intellectually vacant - only less so than the concept behind such a study in the first place.

One key sign of a user being addicted is if they focus on their Blackberry ignoring those around them.

Uh, yeah, like the same way people do with television, computers, books, music, woodworking, car repair... have these people ever used a Blackberry? Is there some sort of hybridized human that can carry on extensive human interaction while simultaneously thumbing out a response to their boss on a PDA?

But the effects of becoming addicted to the device can be 'devastating', said Professor Gayle Porter who led the study.

She added: 'Employers provide programmes to help workers with chemical or substance addictions. 'Addiction to technology can be equally damaging to a worker's mental health'.

And here's the payoff - when in doubt, follow the money. The mental health community has become a source of crackpot, junk science with a single goal - perpetuating the mental health community. This is another in a series of phony maladies that is being peddled by sophists in order to perpetuate the cottage industry of mental wellness. Psychosomatic projection of everyday life into an infirmity requiring treatment keeps them in dutch. These are the same people who brought you Katrina fatigue - mind you, not from having been in the Hurricane, but having been overexposed to coverage of it. Any deviation from a slackjawed stupor will eventually be diagnosed as a condition requiring treatment or study, and of course a name, we won't get tired of politics as usual, we will have acute disassociative pre-emergent sociopathy.

Enough is enough. Universities should be studying real mental health issues, not this valueless pap devoid of intrinsic value.

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February 15, 2005

Pill Popper

Boy who claimed pills made him pop a cap in grandma and grandpa ain't foolin' anyone...

In another small victory for common sense, a jury has decided that a then 12-year-old boy who killed his grandparents, torched their house, then drove away and told people he'd been kidnapped was guilty of murder, and not excused from it because he was taking Zoloft and clearly nuts out of his gourd.

This case is a cornucopia of dysfunctionality. First of all, who gives a 12-year an anti-depressant? We are creating a pharmacological nightmare among our youth - if it's not Zoloft, it's Ritalin. How on earth did the human race function before they were able to medicate us all into torpid sedation? Much less as children? A child needs Zoloft? How about a bike? An ant farm? An active interest from a loving parent?

And what is this defense team thinking? This kids problems started with the Zoloft? Is there not a behavioral problem underlying the reason they tried to medicate him in the first place? It's pretty clear this kid had problems before the helpful people with the prescription pad came into the picture.

The jury at least saw through this - this isn't Rainman leaving the tub water on too hot, this is a person who was upset at having been disciplined, shooting his grandparents, burning the house down, and trying to concoct a story to cover up for the crime.

Why is it that people who don't know right from wrong don't go around doing random GOOD things? You never hear about someone who doesn't know right from wrong going and working for free down at the shelter because they don't know any better, or saving someone from a burning building because they don't know any better. No, they are always slaughtering another human being because they don't know any better.

Witness the woman in Texas who chopped her daughters arms off. They actually had a hearing to determine if she was sane. Huh? Need a hearing? There is inherent insanity in that act that will never have a rational, sane motive. But why did her mental state manifest itself thusly? Why didn't she collapse from exhaustion from making cookies for her neighbors? Why didn't she get arrested for writing large checks to charities with funds she didn't have? No, her inability to discern right from wrong exclusively manifested itself in doing wrong.

The narcissism behind most of these acts is obscured by our attempts to understand or explain a selfish evil that is inexplicable and unknowable...

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December 09, 2004

Dysfunction Junction

What's your malfunction? Handing out pills, diseases, and causes...

Why does every deviance from catatonia anymore cause three clinicians to pop up and declare there is a new disease, disorder, or other malady afflicting the land?

Social science has inflicted an egregious cost on human resiliency. Depressed about the election results? Disorder. Kill your children? Disorder. We've managed to externalize cause, effect, and responsibility from any acts of utter depravity. Human beings are no longer sentient minds, we are mere vessels for various contradictory dysfunctions.

To what do we trace this? Well, several things. Social science is an industry, and like every industry, it craves more product. More things wrong, more things to treat, study, and a new stepping stone to new and more potent maladies. Couple this with a culture nurtured in circles of externalization of human responsibility, and you get an industry ready to tell us why it's not our fault, it's merely our condition.

When a full quarter of children under 18 are taking prescription medication - there is something wrong.

So we inaugurate a new category this day - Dysfunction Junction. Whenever it's not your fault, whenever you cannot participate in a round of responsibility due to illness. And surely for all of those cases where, well, yeah, there is CLEARLY something wrong with you...

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