August 10, 2006

Let Me Guess

The terrorist plot to blow up airliners... are they Jews? Hindus? Scientologists?

The terrorist fascination with airplanes continues, as it seems a large plot to blow up several mid flight has been thwarted.

Curiously absent in the article is what should be Journalism 101 - an answer to the immediate question everyone wonders. Perhaps they think the answer so obvious that it no longer needs expression. But can they at least acknowledge that yes, once again, the Religion Of Piece, or Religion Of Perpetual Outrage, has once again found expression by blowing up innocent people in the name of Allah? Are these young men, as it seems so likely, all Muslim?

Perhaps someone should explain to these miscreants that if Allah wanted to blow up these planes, he would do it himself.

I guess that the same retrograde 8th century backwardness that drives these people is the same backwardness that makes them attack the signs of modernity - is their anything more modern, would there be anything more amazing, to an 8th century transplant than watching men fly? Might explain some things, as backwards people tend to attack what they don't understand.

I've been laboring lately on a discussion of Islam - trying to determine if Islam is simply a fellow faith with some misguided believers but overall a faith of the Book, worshipping the same God as Jews and Christians, or if it is simply a misogynistic death cult spread by the sword and practiced by people mainly because their forebearers were forced to convert with a blade at their throat. Would that Iranians were told of Darius and their great Persian kings, and that the faith they chant in the street was never their own, merely forced upon their forefathers. What would their forefathers have them do?

With every outrageous act, I lean further toward the latter. It will require alot of blood and treasure expended by reasonable Muslims to take back control of their faith to get me leaning to the former.

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July 31, 2006

Religion Of Perpetual Outrage

Some folks aren't happy unless they are unhappy...

It's always edifying to see somewhat state with perfect pitch something you've been thinking, and Michelle Malkin has done it.

As with most news events, there is often the tired, hackneyed outburst of Islamic street rage, along with the usual burning of an American flag that was created out of a pillowcase and magic markers, and the burning of an effigy, usually made from the forlorned pillow stripped naked in order to create the aforementioned flag. Michelle has coined the phrase, or at least minted it anew, the Religion Of Perpetual Outrage.

If it isn't bogus stories about flushing a Koran, or outrage over cartoons, there's always something waiting to activate that fragile tripwire that will send frothing mobs of Muslims into the street to burn their surplus bed linen. Unfortunately, this tantrumming mob accomplishes nothing but externalizing their internal resentments. Perhaps if they spilled into the street to protest draconian treatment of women or demand basic free rights, they might actually accomplish something, other than create reasons to shop at a white sale.

Some good news did come third hand from Seattle - heard on radio was that local Muslim women came with flowers to the Jewish Federation building to express their sorrow. These small acts are important and can help insure the widespread insanity that pours out onto the streets of Islamabad never begins to express itself here.

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June 04, 2006

Home Cooking

The best terrorists are the ones you make yourself at home...

Canada has avoided a nasty bit of Islamic home cooking with the arrest of over a dozen ne'er-do-wells in a raid that reportedly yielded guns and triple the amount of ammonium nitrate used to attack the Oklahoma City federal building.

Apparently, the investigation began with surveillance of local Muslim men who visited protected web sites, and Canadian authorities were able to monitor their actions and intents, and as they started acting on their intentions, the case began to build.

Of course, the most important question, which I have not heard answered, was - were proper warrants all obtained in monitoring these individuals? Was this monitoring part of a warrantless process that casts too wide a net on our civil liberties? Were any animals injured in the making of this arrest?

We're glad we caught them, but let's be sure America is still America, huh?

Or, make that, be sure Canada is still Canada, eh?

The article goes on in some detail about some of the suspects history, including their meetings with some American terror suspects, who we can only hope have their full constitutional protections intact.

If we can at least creep one eye open at home, and understand a few things about this story. First - these individuals were caught before they could act. As a result, there are some news stories, some headlines, and as I visit Yahoo, it has already fallen off the front page - instead replaced by pap about Gitmo hunger strikes, Haditha, the Sopranos. A minimal amount of credit will be given to those who's hard work paid off. Of course, had they not stopped them, and the attacks occurred, the stories would be unending, especially the ones asking "why" we didn't stop them.

This is the asymmetrical nature of the news and mindset of the American press, and to some extent, the American people. For some it's too distant, and for others, concern about their phone calls to 977-HOT-BABES being included in a nameless database outweigh their concerns that the next person to cross the border won't be caught, and he'll have a nuclear weapon in the trunk.

And final food for thought - Islam in it's current form is toxic. It is a religion of patriarchical intolerance, of misogynisitic power, spread in history by the sword, and only by the sword. It's not merely an upbringing in a Saudi madrasa that creates dangerous, radicalized individuals - if teenagers growing up in a generally milquetoast Canada can be radicalized, let's call a spade a spade and find the common thread - Islam. It must change, or we must. You pick.

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July 27, 2005

Religion Of Piece

Islam is da bomb!

Here's a little bit of lovin', courtesy of your neighborhood Imam:

Remember, while teaching extremism in the madrasas, remind young future martyrs - when making an improvised explosive device, the shrapnel should point outward, never inward. This photo and others of the carnage in London can be found here - I guess the debris and twisted wreckage is what is meant by "religion of peace". Or pieces.

With the US and UK engaged in worthwhile operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, we wonder if Islamists will take the wrong lesson from British response to the London bombings. After 9/11, the United States retaliated against Islamist terrorism with a crushing, disproportionate response - our grievous loss of 3,000 friends and countrymen was a heavy burden, but the toppling of two heinous, corrupt governments has been a worthy reprisal and something to give terrorists pause before striking the United States again. But the UK is involved in both locations already - what can Britain do besides crack down internally on native radicalized Muslim extremists? Where does Britain take the battle? Syria? Iran?

The failure to do more than arrest those responsible for the London bombing and their compatriots may seem to provide a profitable risk/reward for terrorists seeking to sponsor terrorism in the West. Fearful of a potent America stewarded by a President even his detractors admit isn't looking for an excuse to attack terrorists, just a place, Britain may seem the best way to exact a political cost and a body count in order to wedge Europe and America apart. Attacking the United States will antagonize the one power able to strike around the globe instantly. Attacking the British attacks America's strongest ally (along with the Australians) but doesn't carry the same risk of grabbing the American tiger by the tail. If the terrorists see the British response to these attacks as merely custodial, will Britain unwittingly send the wrong signal? What more can Britain do to exact a price to the international peddlers of terror to take the cost of doing death's business up a notch?

Britain is right to take the steps they are taking, and even more - former PM John Major has for openly spoken of deporting Muslims who "spit hate" and advocate violence, and we applaud him for taking those words of murder at face value. But Major's words are just the first tired stretches of a populace waking to the true nature of what lurks in their midst.

Until Major's words are not newsworthy, merely perfunctory, we fear London will be seen as the most attractive Western place to ply the terrorist's trade...

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July 12, 2005

Made In The UK

British bombers home schooled...

Investigators have apparently discovered that those involved in the terror attacks in London were all native-born English citizens. And, of course, Islamist extremists.

While we don't want to say we told you so - we did.

This is the rotten fruit you get when you sow seeds of non-integrationist immigration watered with copious amounts of hate and poison. While there was likely outside bombmaking aid, the actors involved were British born and raised. They decided to blow up their countrymen because someone in a kufi told them God wanted them to. There aren't just four people like this in Europe, there are four thousand upon other thousands. This isn't the ravings of a small cluster of insane actors such as the Manson Family, or a few disgruntled men who act out in the vein of Timothy McVeigh. In this case, there is an orchestrated network of actors seeking to kill Westerners, there are mosques where violence is preached, all of it well known and in the open because the British pride themselves as do most Western democracies on tolerance of speech. However, this tolerance cannot extend any longer to incitement to jihad.

It is time the British, and all Westerners, take talk of jihad and terror at face value.

Those who preach violence are intolerable in the current climate. Those who incite to violence no matter how indirectly are not innocent actors, and waiting until those moved to action do act is reactive folly.

Those still doubtful of the nature of the raw evil that Europe finds in it's midst should merely listen to the words of Mohammed Bouyeri, the man who killed Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Sentenced to life in prison because the Dutch court system cannot bring itself to execute the vilest of men, he offered that he would do exactly the same thing if released.

"I take complete responsibility for my actions. I acted purely in the name of my religion."

Yes, you did, the same religion the leaders of the West feel compelled to constantly remind us is a religion of peace. Not that we see alot of peace breaking out in any Muslim lands. There are no free Islamic societies. Muslims kill other Muslims in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan... kill Jews anywhere they can find them, kill filmmakers, women and children in busses, in planes and buildings, in discos, in embassies, in hotels on beaches, in pizza parlors, diplomats in driveways and on television, children in schools in Russia, in fact I am unaware of any life form the religion of peace wouldn't slaughter wholesale simply for being considered the infidel.

"I have to admit I do not feel for you, I do not feel your pain, I cannot -- I don't know what it is like to lose a child...I cannot feel for you ... because I believe you are an infidel."

The infidel. He isn't alone. There aren't a few who agree. There are a few million.

And still in Britain, they willfully ignore what is, and trumpet what they wish to be. For instance, the BBC has sanitized their reporting of these incidents. Ready for it?

The BBC's guidelines state that its credibility is undermined by the "careless use of words which carry emotional or value judgments".

Consequently, "the word 'terrorist' itself can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding" and its use should be "avoided", the guidelines say.

Gutless. For every Churchill, there is a Chamberlain.

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July 11, 2005

What Now?

Actions speak louder than words, and I fear we'll hear silence...

It appears that the UK and US have decided to view the London attack as part of the ongoing campaign against terrorism. Which means they will fully pursue our current half measure. This means action in Afghanistan and Iraq, but slow plodding accomodation with Iran and Syria, as well as a failure to confront the Saudi financiers of Wahabbi radicalism.

What should be done?

Saudi Arabia - Wahabbism must go. Now. Make it plain to the House of Saud that it can face Wahabbism, or the United States. For decades the West has paid for a natural resource it could have merely taken without effort, and those funds have been used to spread fanatical radicalism to Muslims around the world. Combine this policy with the importation of cheap Muslim labor to Europe to create an underclass that acts as an enabler to the sagging decrepid social welfare construct of much of Europe - and you have an immigrant underclass that is not upwardly mobile that is imbibing the toxin of Wahabbism. It is time for the West to stop funding it's own worst enemy. The time for Saudi Arabia to break from extremism is now, and the cost will be far less than it will if they choose to embrace it and face the West.

Muslims in general - the outcry many have called for simply is not going to be heard. Why? Because, in general, there is agreement with at a minimum the goals of most Islamist terrorism. There is general support for anti-Semitic action, a general belief in pan-Islamism, a general disdain for the secular Western democracies, a general belief that Islam must expand at the expense of others all the while expecting special dispensation the secular west offers via freedom of religious expression. Until the Western societies decide that it is intolerable to have Muslim communities in their midst remain silent at best, and actively espousing radicalism and carrying out attacks at worst, then the West will enjoy many attacks similar to Madrid and London. Local Muslims radicalized by Wahabbism and anti-Semitic anti-Western doctrine will continue to buy into the message of violence with the freedoms these nations provide them in their midst.

It is not enough for Muslim communities to have press releases, or platitudes about how they don't support terrorism. They need to actively take part in taking their faith back from extremism. Yet in many quarters the extremism is mainstream. In the United States, the Muslim community is far less radicalized than it is in Europe, for the aforementioned reasons. But Europe has ingested millions of Muslims solely to fund the welfare state and now has a restive, radicalized underclass that frankly isn't all that interested in taking back their faith. Only when they feel the exaction of a cost will their be action. But what to do? Deportation? Marginalization? Western democracy has come to abhor such steps.

It will come to abhor a failure to act even more.

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July 07, 2005

Heart Of Darkness

We must begin by calling Evil by it's name.

Attacks on innocents - men, women, children in busses and trains, going about no business but their own - must remind us of the nature of what is faced by the West. Some feel the notion of the Christian West under attack by the forces of Islamism is an overreaching analysis, or merely reactionary. I would say to any who make such a statement that you mistake Islamism's current short reach with a short grasp.

Militant Islamism has identified the free societies of the Christian West as their mortal enemy. When will the West engage itself with this truth and identify militant Islamism as theirs?

To those who would excuse or justify these attacks as the natural result of Western foreign policy, I would impolitely disagree. Not only does this make a ridiculous logical conclusion that deliberate targeting of civilians is ever justified by any cause, it presumes a logical cause and effect that does not exist. The attacks in London are no more a direct retaliation for British Iraq policy than the attacks on the WTC in 2001 and 1993 were in direct retaliation for any particular American policy.

The Al Qaeda claim of responsibility sheds the neccesary light to see the truth in all of these words:

"O nation of Islam and nation of Arabism: Rejoice for it is time to take revenge from the British Zionist Crusader Government in retaliation for the massacres Britain is committing in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Yes, in this mere text, the great doom of our times is found.

The nation of Islam and Arabism - nationalist, expansionist, and fascist in nature. Islamism and Arabism beyond mere borders. Those who would let their compunctions lead them to argue that Islamist terrorism is merely a reflexive anti-Imperialism need look no further than this broad appeal to pan-Arabism and pan-Islamism, a goal but also a means unto an end. The racial hegemony of Arabism combined with the religious hegemony of Islamism to create both religious and racial fanatacism and fascism.

The justification as revenge against Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan - interesting in light of the demurral from many who opposed the Iraqi war with the argument that Iraq was so totally secular as to dismiss any concerns that Iraq and Al Qaeda would ever find a nexus for action. They also are ignorant of reality. The 9/11 attacks predate our involvement in Iraq. Those supposing that had we just "not been involved" in Iraq, those driven to slaughter the defenseless would have considered another course are burdened with opinion without being burdened with thought.

We finally have the Zionist Crusader - the component that identifies the enemy. It is the Jew and the Christian - the Zionist and the Crusader - who provide the anvil for the Islamists rhetorical and terrorist hammer. The Jew and the Christian, the Western democracies, with their uncovered women who are allowed to vote and endowed with rights equal to men, their religious freedom which includes the freedom to not worship at all, their equal rights for all despite race or relgious sect, it is here that the great antidote to Islamist tyrannical absolutism is found.

And yet, if the West continues to deny the nature of the enemy, if it languishes and treats each act of terrorism discretely without identifying the comprehensive whole, if compunction prevents the West from acting in it's defense...

Then the West will demur, and the days will grow shorter as we willingly cede to the night the fairest hours... as the West allows mosques to be built in it's midst, while churches and temples in Africa burn... as proponents of accomodation and understanding hold forth while those who offer only ignorance and intolerance advantage each... as we insist on couching our language in terms designed not to offend or provoke when unspoken is the nature of our trial and peril... then much will come to pass at our expense, and we may one day find ourselves at the precipice as the sun falls in upon the West and ask -

How did it come to this?

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