February 17, 2005

99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

Take one down, pass it around... hey, I wonder where that Iraqi oil shipment is going...

Looks like the UN inspectors were looking for illicit Iraqi trade activity at the bottom of their shot glasses. According to testimony, UN inspectors spent alot of time drinking, and very little time inspecting. What, the UN doing shoddy, incompentent, corrupt work? Say it isn't so...

This inditement frankly isn't that surprising for any large bureaucracy bloated with largesse. Anyone ever see how guys on a business trip act? While nominally in town to sell a product, their hedonistic behavior more accurately reflects a gambling and whoring junket. Give guys money far away from home, and you'll get what the UN got - alot of drinking and fraternizing, not alot of work.

Anyone see a modern college campus? Send your kids away to learn far away, you get - alot of drinking and fraternizing, not alot of work.

The nepotism that keeps popping up in these reports on UN malfeasance is troubling. Appears the only requirement to getting a seat on the UN gravy train is to be a UN official's genetic baggage. And the Iraqi people bore the price, as Saddam siphoned off oil profits to prop up his illegitimate regime.

If this report was isolated, it be much easier to absolve those in charge of the program of simply being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employees far away and hard to truly account for. But systemic corruption and incompentence permeates the organization like a metastasized cancer. The patient needs a marrow transplant desperately...

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December 05, 2004

So It Begins

Mr. Annan, your taxi is waiting, and here's a box for the crap on your desk...

As I wrote at Slings & Arrows during my recent absence from my own no-longer-negelected blog, it's time for Kofi Annan to go. And the grumblings are now starting to get louder.

There isn't a single bad apple in the UN barrel - it's a rotten barrel of apples that must be heaved into the offal pile. Annan can try and couch himself as the hardworking hero, but he's a corrupt anti-American hack who has overseen disaster after disaster after disaster.

Let's be honest though - the repeated failing of the UN are not so much the product of Annan, as much as they are the paralysis of an overfed bureaucracy that has only it's own perpetual motion as it's major interest.

The time is long past due for a rational rethinking of the United Nations.

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August 08, 2004

Bad Medicine

Everyone who wants their hospital to be run like the DMV, raise your cholesterol...

A Quebec hospital is reporting a drastic rise in deaths from a common source, and the culprit isn't just the infection.

Hospitals are often breeding grounds for resistant strains of common infections - after all, they're already filled with sick people. This has happened in Quebec, Canada, home of national health coverage. It appears budget cuts have created conditions that may be leading to the increased deaths:

...cuts in health-care dollars have meant many Canadian hospitals have not been renovated, making it more difficult to ensure sanitary conditions, he said, noting that in some Quebec hospitals, there can be 40 patients on a ward sharing one or two bathrooms.

"The result is that in some of these old buildings, the sanitary conditions are intolerable. I mean, it's indecent."

There isn't a font in your web browser large enough to put EWWW in.

Whenever we are tempted to look toward government to solve high health care prices, we should be brought back down to earth by what we can expect from government health care - unresponsive, arbitrary, unacceptable.

They're from the government, and they're here to cure you.

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July 17, 2004

Intelligence Failure

Just what the intelligence apparatus needs - more bureaucracy...

As the 9/11 Commission's final report leaks like an overturned swimming pool, a rumored and oft-discussed recommendation of this ill-fated commission is the creation of a cabinet-level intelligence chief.

It's most unsurprising that a Washington commission concludes that there aren't enough people between the intelligence and the man who needs it most. Fact is that there doesn't need to be another link in the chain - a link that can be broken, that can filter, that can delay. The President currently receives daily briefings from the CIA director, and from the other branches via the appropriate channels - DIA via Defense, FBI via Justice, etc. It sounds good to have an intelligence 'czar' - wait, no, it doesn't, in fact we can't recall any czar in particular that got anything good accomplished.

This proposal seems likely to result in not only a single point of failure, but also in a single point of blame.

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March 30, 2004

You're Fired

Taking a cue from 'The Apprentice', Annan does his best Trump impression...

Kofi Annan announced the forced resignation (read: firing) of one staff member, and the demotion of another, involved in the failed security around the UN Baghdad compound that resulted in 22 fatalities from a car bombing in August 2003.

The head of security was decried as he "appeared to be blinded by the conviction that UN personnel and installations would not become a target of attack". This unfortunate mindset is mirrored in other places, namely Europe, that somehow believes that the 'bad guys' make a distinction between the United States, who some thought were 'legitimate' targets for terror, and the UN, who would somehow be shielded by a magical miasma of international legitimacy (again something they think the United States lacks).

In attempting to break the irony meter, the statement read, and I amazingly quote, "Their combined response to the issue indicates a lethargy that is bordering on gross negligence."

This is strong criticism from an organization and UN leadership that brought us such hits as "Oil for Food", "Genocide in Rwanda", and "Saddam Is Just Alright". This strikingly new standard for behavior from the UN would indicate the other 9,000 some employees under Annan are on notice:

Limit your gross negligence to non-security matters.

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March 27, 2004

World Wide Worry

The UN wants to expand it's success in ruining other areas to the Internet...

Nothing should scare anyone with a functioning web browser more than this article - bureaucracy loves nothing more than something new to manage into the ground. The UN discussions always gather around a central campfire - inherent unfairness due to unequal distribution of wealth requires intervention from a benign benefactor to steer developement and redistribution of the Internet as a resource.

The UN will be as likely to succeed in this quest as they were at handling genocide in Rwanda - much debate and handwringing but no real action. But they will be holding a moment of silence...

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